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Antisemitic incidents Sweden דה-לגיטימציה

Left wing extremists selling shirts with the text “Burn Israel”


Jönköping – “Burn Israel Burn” and call for a worldwide intifada. That’s the message on the t-shirts and other Bokcafét in Jönköping, Sweden culture sells. It has long been known to have links to the left extreme Afa. Mayor of Jönköping Mats Green (Moderaterna, political party), which pushed to get away Bokcafét, was recently beaten outside his home. The reason for the criticism is that bokcafét have links to the left extreme and violent movement Antifascist Action. Already in 2009, was excluded Bokcafét from ABF, Workers’ Educational, since it has become clear that it goes beyond being “non-political cultural organization with a socialist ethos,” and openly supports Afa, for example by selling badges, shirts and pins with the movement’s brand. Bokcafét providing “books and other revolutionary material” and also at times sold slingshots and balaclavas in the store.