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Antisemitic incidents China תעמולה

China is trying to crack the secret: Why are the Jews so smart?

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A Chinese Cartoon shows a conversation between a young woman and a wise man, discussing the question why Jews are smart. The professor explains – “it’s because they educate their children to think about mathematics when they are still in the womb, because of music and maybe even because of illness”


A Chinese video raises an interesting question that prima facie can be seen as “positive”, but could also be interpreted as racist or antisemitic. The video attempts to answer a question of a Chinese girl who asks “why are the Jews so smart? We are all the same so how comes I am not as smart as the Jews?”




The Professor answering the animated girl argues that “First of all, the Jews begin to educate their children when they are still in the womb. Pregnant mothers are busy resolving math problems. Also languages ​​are something that helps intelligence greatly and all the Jewish children speak three languages ​​- Hebrew, Arabic and English”.


He also argues that Jewish experts encourage the children to play the violin or the piano in order to develop the brain. According to the movie, which apparently did not include a comprehensive investigation, Jewish children compete in sports like archery to improve concentration abilities as well as evil.


When the arguments of the professor don’t convince the Chinese girl, he points out that a genetic nerve disease is the reason Jews are smarter than other people. The inquiring Chinese girl answers then: “Wisdom is a disease, I’m not sick.”