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Antisemitic incidents Germany חילול

Neo-Nazis vandalize German Holocaust monument on Kristallnacht anniversary


Greifswald – Eleven Holocaust memorial plaques in the east German city of Greifswald were uprooted by neo-Nazis on Friday, in an anti-Semitic incident that occurred on the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht.


The memorial plaques were part of a monument to mark the November 9, 1938 pogroms in which the Jews of Greifswald were arrested and murdered, and Jewish businesses and synagogues were vandalized.


The 11 plaques uprooted on Friday night were part of the European Stolperstein (“stumbling block”) memorial project. Each plaque was engraved with the names of Jews who perished in the Holocaust, and embedded in the sidewalk in front of the houses where they once lived.


The local police has announced a 2,500 Euro reward for anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest of the perpetrators.


Greifswald mayor Arthur Konig said he would do everything in his power to support the investigation, saying, “People who deny to this day that Jewish citizens were slain (in the Holocaust) will not gain the upper hand.”