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Struggle against Antisemitism מאבק

Muslim and Jewish leaders band together to fight increasing bigotry in Europe

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Paris – European Jewish and Muslim leaders have banded together in France to announce a “zero tolerance” policy for preachers of any faith, including their own, who advocate hatred.


A total of 70 rabbis, imams and other community leaders from 18 different countries met over two days to discuss bigotry they have encountered and devise plans to fight religious intolerance against Jews and Muslims. They also discussed ways to counter legal challenges to their religious practices, namely, circumcision and animal slaughter.


In a declaration, the group said, “We must institute a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against religious leaders of any faith who misuse their pulpits to incite religious bigotry. We vow to each other to speak out loudly and forcefully against any religious leader who defames those of other faiths, and, if such bigots emerge from within our own communities, to condemn them loudly and clearly.”


Jews have been the target and victims of several attacks this year, many of which were perpetrated by radical Muslims.