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Antisemitic incidents Austria התנכלות

Vienna police refuse to intervene as Rabbi is taunted with “Hitler Salute”

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Vienna – A rabbi was attacked over the weekend in Vienna, by soccer fans.


According to local media reports, fans of the Greek soccer team PAOK Saloniki, who were on their way to a game, met Rabbi Schlomo Hoffmeister and screamed at him, “Move, Jew – Jews out, Heil Hitler.” According to the rabbi, they also saluted with the Nazi salute.


Rabbi Hoffmeister claimed that police officers standing nearby refused to intervene. When he asked for their help, they reportedly replied, “It’s just soccer.”


Local police later said they will investigate the claims and will work to catch both the police officers and the fans who were involved in the incident.


 “Antisemitic insults in the streets of Vienna are commonplace, but when it happens in front of the police, it is unprecedented. The fact that [the officers] did nothing about it and even smiled is an experience that left me in shock,” said Rabbi Hoffmeister.