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Antisemitic incidents Poland חילול

A Jewish cemetery defaced

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Urzędów – Rubbish and smashed alcohol bottles, a monument to Holocaust victims scribbled with paint. This is the scene at the Jewish cemetery in Urzędów. Our cooperator says that primitive scribbling must have been painted on the monument in the last two or three weeks.


The Jewish cemetery was plundered during World War II and afterwards. All tombstones were stolen. Presently, the necropolis is visited by enthusiasts of outdoor booze parties. In 1993, local inhabitants arranged a matzevot-shaped plaque in memory of Urzędów Jews murdered by the Nazis from 1939-1944, which is now in disrepair.


The devastation of the monument has been reported by the Virtual Shtetl, to the Urzędów local authorities, the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage, the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich and the Rabbinical Committee for the preservation of cemeteries.