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Italy to toughen regulations against the spread of racism on the Internet

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Rome – the Italian government is about to toughen regulations against the dissemination of sites of a racist, xenophobic and antisemitic character on the Internet. This was announced today by the Minister for International, Cooperation and Integration, Andrea Riccardi.


During a visit he made to Rome’s synagogue, where he met the Jewish community, Minister Riccardi said that the authorities will find an “adequate response” to those “sowing hatred on the Internet.”


“The increase in the number of Internet sites containing racist, xenophobic and antisemitic content compels the government to update the regulations which are in force.” He stated.


He explained that the idea is to use the same tools that have already been applied against other offenses on the Internet, such as the spread of pedophilic pornography.


“This will enable the police to darken racist sites and also to go after those who frequently visit these shameful sites”. He said.


According to Minister Andrea Riccardi, following last March terrorist attack against a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, the need emerged to intervene against the Internet sites that incite racism as well as ethnic and religious hatred.


“Preaching for racism and loathing is a very serious act, which sows in peoples’ souls undesirable seeds. And we want to stop it in order to prevent a situation where it will reach the young generations at times of crisis like the one we are now living.” He remarked.


He pointed out that the aim is to view the spreading of racism, xenophobia and antisemitism over the Internet as a serious crime against which the law will be enforced and penalties imposed.