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Report in France: The majority of perpetrators of hate incidents – Muslims

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From the report of the organization for the protection of the Jewish community in France it emerges that in 2011 the number of religiously-motivated hate incidents has decreased, and that the majority of their perpetrators are Muslims.


389 attacks against Jews occurred in France in 2011, a number similar to that of the previous year, that is what emerges from the report about antisemitism for 2011 of the ‘Organization for the Protection of the Jewish Community in France’.


Dr. Simcha Epstein, a researcher of antisemitism and the Shoah in the Hebrew University, said that what characterizes the violent incidents in the last ten years is that the majority of their perpetrators are youngsters of Muslim origin. This is in contrast to previous waves of antisemitism in the eighties and the nineties, in which the majority of the deeds were committed by Frenchmen from the extreme right faction.


An exceptionally cruel violence exists towards Jewish pupils in schools; the teachers do not control the phenomenon and do everything so that the Jews will not complain. One of the consequences is that in these schools they don’t teach about the Shoah because this raises antagonism, when occasionally someone says to the Jewish students: “it’s good that the Shoah happened because you deserve it.”


Dr. Epstein notes that the desecration of cemeteries is usually not carried out by the Moslems, but rather by people from the extreme right. In most of the cases there are graffiti on tombs and in some rarer cases tombstones are shattered. Antisemitism-related murder cases are also rare in France. “You cannot say that Jews are being murdered in the streets of France” he said.


The Jews represent swinish capitalism

In France there are religiously-motivated incitements that originate in the Muslim population. A few years ago studies were conducted in France, which sought to check the types of antisemitism in the country, and whether they were connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or whether there were other factors which are part of something deeper and more general, not connected to the Middle East.


The study’s conclusion was that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict indeed constitutes a serious trigger for actions but the roots of the hatred for Jews are much wider. There is the religious hatred of the extreme Islam as well as economic hatred of Jews entirely unrelated to the Middle East.


For some of the Muslim youngsters, Jews have become the symbol of the decadent Western society, the same society against which they feel revulsion for being an affluent society that represents swinish capitalism. In addition, the youngsters feel frustration for not being able to integrate in such a society. On the other hand, the Jews have become the symbol of this society.


According to Dr. Epstein, the French government handles properly every violent incident that occurs, but France is a democratic country and the government is limited in what it is able to do. In addition, he says that it is impossible to predict where the next attack will take place.


“Even if you station a policeman or two in front of a synagogue – it is impossible to predict what can happen” he says. “By its nature democracy is limited in the means it can activate or use”. Dr. Epstein emphasized that the attacks against Jews are a cyclical phenomenon. Every few years there is some kind of eruption sometimes connected to what is going on in Israel, but, as said above, not necessarily.


In 2011 389 violent incidents against Jews were recorded, in the previous year – 466 incidents. In 2010, the year of the Cast Lead operation, there were 832 antisemitic incidents whereas in previous years their number was around 450 events.


In 2004, the year of the second intifada, there were 974 antisemitic incidents and a similar number of events occurred in 2002, the year operation Defensive Wall was carried out.