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Antisemitic incidents Sweden

Sweden – the new center of antisemitism

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According to Moshe Kantor, the President of the European Jewish Congress, Sweden has become the new center of Antisemitism.


In an interview with the “Jerusalem Post”, shortly before the start of the remembrance day ceremony for victims of the Holocaust held in the European Parliament, Kantor estimated that “up until a few years ago Sweden was a country in which the phenomenon of Antisemitism was non-existent”.


“However, anti-Jewish hate has now reached such a level that it can be described as being of imperceptible proportions. How can it be that in the 21st century Jews are being forced to leave a City like Malmo and move to Stockholm where they feel safer”, he continued.


Kantor condemned the behavior of the Swedish Government which according to him is “the only European country that is refusing to discuss the problem of Anti-Semitism prevailing within its borders”. 


The President of the EJC stated that all his attempts to encourage the Office of the Prime Minister Frederick Reinfeld to take action in the matter had come to nothing and represents, according to him, “a conspiracy of silence”.


“Those in Sweden with responsibility for the issue believe that if they do not talk about the problem it will go away, but we know that it is ever-present”.


Marcus Freiberg, spokesman for Prime Minister Reinfeld responded to the criticism and stated that Sweden “invests 4,000,000 Kroner annually in protecting the Jewish Community.