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Antisemitic incidents Azerbaijan תעמולה

Soloviev receives antisemitic letters from Azerbaijan

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Baku – “It is amusing to read letters that arrive from Azerbaijan.  Animalistic antisemitism. In every second letter. Dark Middle Ages way of thinking” wrote the famous radio and television anchorman Vladimir Soloviev on Twitter.


Vladimir Soloviev  severely criticized the xenophobia and the policy of discrimination owing to which, representatives of the national airline of Azerbaijan, AZAL, prohibited a Russian citizen, Sergei Giordjian from boarding a flight to Baku, because of his Armenian origin. Soloviev noted that the Azerbaijan side does not attach any importance to the issue of citizenship, but just a drop of Armenian blood raises in it a savage , inhumane and animalistic hatred. Soloviev added: “For me, as for every Jew, this hatred is clearly reminiscent of the tragedy of my people and of the holocaust”.


The Armenian agency “Panorama” says that after the broadcast of the program ”Morning with Vladimir Soloviev, full contact” on Vesti FM network, in which the broadcaster expressed his opinion on ethnic discrimination by Azerbaijan, Vladimir Soloviev was harshly attacked by the Azerbaijan media.