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Antisemitic incidents Poland תעמולה

Accusations of antisemitism on Radio Maryja

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The Polish Broadcasting Authority Commission has examined two programs on the Radio Maryja Station – and has reprimanded it for its antisemitic statements


The controversial radio station has once again been the subject of strong criticism by the whole of the media: the Polish Broadcasting Authority Commission “Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizj”(KrriT for short) has examined two programs of Radio Maryja and has reprimanded it for its antisemitic statements. A letter couched in these terms was sent to the Station Director – Pater Tadeusz Rydzyk.


The first case deals with an interview that Radio Maryja conducted with the veteran sponsor Jan Kobylanski, the South American businessman who is identified with the extreme right in his country. The Broadcasting Authority Commission claims that this case concerns “nationalistic racism”. Kobylanski stated that the Polish Government and Parliament does not consist of even 30%  “Genuine Poles”. The Chairman of the South American Organization of People of Polish Origin (USOPAL) also explains that as far as he is concerned Poles holding foreign citizenship, including Jews, are not “Genuine Poles”.


Adam Michnik was at the center of the second broadcast dealt with by the Broadcasting Authority Commission, he being the editor of the prominent daily newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”. He was attacked by the Lawyer and publicist Stanislaw Michalkiewicz because of his Jewish origins. According to what Michalkiewicz said, Michnik is directing his criticism of Kobylanski out of “fraternal racial” motives.


The Broadcasting Authority Commission has demanded in a letter to Radio Maryja that it issue a condemnation of such racist expressions and that it refrain from them in the future.


In previous years the station had supported the ultra-catholic “Law and Justice” party of the Kaczynski brothers. The Vatican has already, on a number of occasions, condemned the political propaganda broadcast on Radio Maryja. The popular station has been specially successful in the rural areas of the country and has close on one million listeners.