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Antisemitic incidents The Palestinian authority תעמולה

What happens when you post the word “Holocaust” on the internet?


There is no limit to cynicism:  Anti-Israel Islamic elements have decided to mark International Holocaust Day by holding a ceremony commemorating “The Victims of Palestinian Suffering”.  The main guests at the ceremony will be members of the Neturei Carta Sect.


At the beginning of the week the “Islamic Council for Human Rights” held an event to mark International Holocaust Day.  However, organizers of the ceremony decided to delete the term “Holocaust” from its title and to call it “International Genocide Day”.  The event was dedicated to the “victims of Palestinian suffering” marking the end of two years from “Operation Cast Led” and the organizers screened a movie that makes a comparison between the suffering of the Palestinian people and the Jewish Holocaust in Europe.


The cynical use of the Holocaust, has no limit it would seem:  An Internet Website has recently been established, the address of which is http://www.shoah.org.uk  .  Contrary to what one might expect, the site does not deal with commemoration of European Jewry but with “the Holocaust of the Palestinian people”.  Under the headline “Holocaust”  the editors of the site present stories of Palestinian children shot by soldiers of the “Zionist Nazi Regime” and they refer to Benjamin Netanyahu as “The Nazi Prime Minister”.