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Israel Struggle against Antisemitism

CFCA – 2010 Antisemitism report – Present situation and tendencies

Source: CFCA


The Annual Antisemitism Report finds that the takeover of the Turkish Flotilla to Gaza increased the phenomenon of Antisemitism against Jewish Communities worldwide.

The Annual Antisemitism Report presented today (Sunday) to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the Forum for Coordinating the Fight Against Antisemitism, reveals that the events of the seizure of control of the Marmora has led to a severe increase of the de-legitimization campaign against Israel and of the occurrence of Antisemitic incidents all over the world.

The Report, which reveals in its central focus, a worrying aspect of implications of the action in which 9 Turkish citizens were killed by fire from IDF soldiers, was presented to the Prime Minister shortly before he was to receive the interim report of the Turkel Committee to Examine the Turkish Flotilla Incident.

It appears from the Report that as a result of the events surrounding seizure of control of the Marmora localized aggressive violent incidents have taken place against Jews throughout the world, including 10 violent attacks against Jews in France, and 5 attacks in Austria.  In addition attempts have increased on the part of various Muslim groups to attack Jews.

The data in the report is based on Antisemitic events details of which appear on the Internet Site www.antisemitism.org.i. It appears from the Report, that attacks on Jews and on Jewish property, are being carried out almost on a daily basis all over Western Europe and in the United States.

The Report also exposes for the first time, a number of terrorist attacks against Jewish Communities that have been thwarted in countries such as India, Turkey, Britain and the United States. This as opposed to attacks that have succeeded in countries such as Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Western Europe.

Extreme Muslim groups, as it emerges from the Report, have adopted a Neo-Nazi ideology, and Iran has also strengthened its contacts with Neo-Nazi Organizations and extreme Right-Wing political parties in countries such as Hungary, Greece and Chile.

When the Report was presented, the Prime Minister was informed that the danger to the wellbeing of Jews worldwide is “tangible and prolonged”, and also that the de-legitimization has become a real strategic threat not only to Israel but also to the Jewish Communities worldwide.

“The de-legitimization phenomenon against Israel is even stronger than the classic appearances of antisemitism, and Israel must act against it with all its strength”.  The recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for the Campaign against Antisemitism were also presented at the Cabinet Meeting.