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Antisemitic incidents Iran תעמולה

Iran – Dr. Jawad Sharbaf, Head of the NEDA Institute for Political Science Research Recruits Holocaust Deniers from the West


Recently, additional figures have appeared as leaders of agitators in Iran, among them is Dr. Jawad Sharbaf, the Head of the NEDA Institute for Political Science Research. According to newspaper reports (Ha’aretz 22nd February 2006) Sharbat sent a letter to Prof. Robert Faurisson, a French Holocaust denier consulting him concerning a scientific conference on the subject of the Holocaust to be held in Iran. In the letter, which opened with an expression of deep sorrow at the decision by the United Nations to establish a Holocaust Memorial day, Sharbat wrote that the recent remarks by Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the subject of the Holocaust created convenient conditions for dealing with the subject in Iran and the President would do everything in his power to organize a conference on the subject. In his reply to Sharbaf’s letter, Faurisson said that Ahmadinejad should be approached with the idea of creating “a research institute that would deal with revisionist research on the Holocaust”. Faurisson was full of praise for Ahmadinejad, adding that the date on which Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a “myth” will be remembered forever. (Ha’aretz)