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Antisemitic incidents Hungary תעמולה

Hungary – Pro-Nazi film screened in Budapest

The 1941 pro-Nazi film
“Jud Süss”

was recently screened for several nights in a cellar in Budapest by a Neo-Nazi group.

A lawyer, who said many of his family were victims of Nazism, said that the Paris Peace Treaty, which was signed by Hungary amongst other countries in 1947, contains a provision banning the operation of fascist organisations and the dissemination of such ideology.
Meanwhile the 13th District chapter of the Free Democrats said it will file a report to the authorities over the recent screening of “Jud Süss.” District chapter leader Viktor Szabadai told reporters that the film can only be screened in Europe with permission from the German foundation that holds the screening rights, but the organisers did not have a permit to screen the film.