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Antisemitic incidents China תעמולה

China – Antisemitic conspiracy theories and Wall Street

About a year and half ago, a book titled “The Currency War” came out in China. It was written by a Chinese graduate student who returned from the United States. The book was antisemitic and probably the most fantastic “conspiracy theory” about Wall Street. The basic claim was that the Rothschild’s and other Jews wanted to control the world by manipulating the international financial system. The book read more like a script for a James Bond movie than a serious dissertation on Wall Street.

However, it was a best seller in China. A lot of professionals were worried about the popularity of the book, and how it might give the public the wrong impression of the international financial system. Also, it was reported that the book was read by the highest-ranking Chinese government leaders. This actually prompted the magazine Finance to publish a critique of the book, written by a leader of Goldman Sachs in Asia. Unfortunately, more people read the book than the critique.
As the market came crashing down and the subprime crisis became headline news in China, “The Currency War” (also translated as “Currency Wars,” or Huobi Zhanzheng) climbed back up the best-seller list. I was recently at a dinner at the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club. A very established lifestyle magazine publisher was recommending the book to people as a way of understanding why the crisis happened.

Source: http:nytimes.com