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Antisemitic incidents China תעמולה

China – Flagrant antisemitism in a Shanghais gallery


Under cloak of “arts”, a main exhibit that, according to the exhibitors, represent the very best of the contemporary arts in the Middle-East was inaugurated in Shanghai. The preparations for the exhibit began in September 2008 and the exhibit will open its doors to the broad audience from September the 7th.

The invitation for the exhibit as well as the description appear in the site web of the exhibitors at:
and include the worst existing antisemitic themes:

  1. 1. A devil with a long nose bathing in blood and handling a pitchfork with the sign of a swastika and a sign explaining that this is Israel.
  2. 2. An inferior body part wrapped with the Palestinian flag bending over a feminine inferior body part wrapped with the Maguen David on its posterior…
  3. 3. Ahmedinajjad with a butcher’s knife and something scribed on his hand and the word “Israel”.
  4. 3. Rockets with a Maguen David harming Gaza.
  5. 4. An Israeli soldier shooting an Arab on his back.

The gallery emphasizes that this is the largest and the most representative exhibit of contemporary arts in the Middle-East.