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Antisemitic bomb threat found at Wilmette middle school

Source: Chicago tribune

Wilmette, IL – Urging students to be “upstanders” who promote an inclusive environment, officials with Wilmette School District 39 are investigating what they are calling a hateful antisemitic incident that took place this week at the district’s junior high.

The incident was reported to police about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday after a Wilmette Junior High School student found a written message of a bomb threat on the wall of a bathroom stall. The message was signed in the name of a student, and included antisemitic language and graffiti, Deputy Police Chief Patrick Collins said Thursday.

In a Thursday email to parents, District 39 Superintendent Ray Lecnher assured families that Wilmette police had found the school to be safe after officials had reported the threat and “hateful antisemitic language and graffiti.”