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Threat Ukraine

A bomb threat was made to the Kiev synagogue from the e-mail address with the Estonian domain

Source: estonianworld

Kiev – An email was sent to the address of the Kiev Synagogue on Monday morning at motorola_dnr_1488@mail.ee, informing that the building had an explosive device with a clock mechanism that explodes within 24 hours.

The attacker reported that another bomb was installed in a car parked near the synagogue. The letter ends with «Search !!!», the Ukrainian news portal Segodnja .

Ukrainian Headhunter unveiled a screenshot of the threat he sent.

According to Postimees, the mail.ee environment is owned by a Latvian company; however, anyone in the world can create an email address using the platform.

The words used in the email address – “motorola” and “dnr” – hint at the area in Eastern Ukraine that is under the control of the Russian-supported separatists who call their territory the People’s Republic of Donetsk, abbreviated in Russian as DNR.

Motorola, according to the newspaper, was the nickname of the notorious commander of the Sparta battalion, Arsen Pavlov. He was killed in October 2016 in an explosion. The number 1488, however, is used by white supremacists.