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RN – Nicholas Bay’s assistant was fired after disguising himself as a “Jew”

Source: lci

It was an antisemitic caricature that caused his dismissal. Party vice president Steve Bryce announced on Wednesday (May 17th) on Twitter that Guillaume Pradoura, a parliamentary assistant to Nicholas Bay of the RN party, has been fired from the party and summoned to a hearing for dismissal.

A few days earlier Sophie Montel, the European representative and former member of Marin Le Pen’s party, published in her Twitter account a picture of the parliamentary assistant wearing a hat, fake sidelocks and making a twisted gesture with his fingers. “Here’s Nicholas Bay’s assistant: Guillaume Pradoura, a member of the KKK and who loves pictures of this kind, probably nothing can be done to him because he’s still on duty …” Sophie Montel wrote.

Konbini website contacted Sophie Montel, who said: “The picture was given to all the party members in the European Parliament, everyone saw the picture and a lot of people laughed. She said that she has informed Mary Le Pen but nothing happened.” Nicholas Bay informed Konbini that it was “A joke, of a bad taste”. He said the picture was from 2013.

In an article written on Thursday before the dismissal of the parliamentary aide, Nicholas Bey said he had not yet taken any action against his assistant.