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Antisemitic graffiti in Villerest

Source: leprogres

Roannais – Antisemitic graffiti – “Death to the Jews” and two swastikas – were painted with black paint on the wall of a house on the road between Roanne and Villerest. The policemen of the Brigade from Roanne / Villerest arrived at the scene to assess the damage and close the area until the arrival of the Department of Criminal Identification.

It was the fourth incident in less than two months in which such graffiti had been found in Rouen. The first ones were found a few hundred meters from where the last inscriptions were found on the walls of a building belonging to the Mâtel Sports Club’s Canoe Club in the Loire region. The incident took place on Wednesday, April 27. Vandals painted antisemitic graffiti, swastikas and death threats against Sophie Rotkopf, who was elected in the last regional elections.

Ten days earlier, other antisemitic graffiti were painted on the outer walls of Malleval Stadium in Rouen. But then the inscriptions were not directed at any particular person. The last antisemitic incident took place on the 24th of April. In this incident, swastikas were painted and graffiti were directed against the father of the Mayor of Rouen, Yves Nikolin. The inscriptions were found on a building belonging to the municipality along the MALLEVAL football field.