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Delegitimization Germany

BDS activists disrupt Israeli author’s book event in Germany

Source: jpost

Aurich – A group of hardcore BDS activists disrupated a book presentation by the Israeli author Arye Sharuz Shalicar in northern Germany on Friday.

In a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Sharuz Shalicar, who is back in Israel, said minutes into his presentation, in front of about 80 people in the town of Aurich, two men ratcheted up the volume of music on their mobile phone devices and then called him a “war criminal.”

A number of attendees from the audience “told the men to leave,” said Shalicar. He said in addition to the two men inside, three female BDS activists were in front of the building where he held his talk. The Boycott, Divestment,Sanctions (BDS) campaign targets the Jewish state.

Sharuz Shalicar, who was born in Germany to Jewish-Persian parents and made aliyah in 2001, read from his new book The New-German Antisemite – Do Jews today belong to Germany? A Personal Analysis. In his youth, prior to becoming a political analyst, he was a hip-hop musician and graffiti artist affiliated with German youth of Arab ancestry.