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Belgian soccer ruling: The calls “Jew” and “Homo” in the stands are not derogatory nicknames

Source: haaretz

Brussels – Music is not important and words have no meaning: The Court of Appeals of the Belgian Football Association determined yesterday (Monday) unequivocally that the terms “Jew” or “homo” were not derogatory terms and completely exempted Club Brugge and its fans of responsibility for the chants heard from the stands. The club was put on trial four weeks ago because during the match against Anderlecht the fans sang: “Whoever does not jump is a Jew and all the Jews are homos.”

In their decision, the club’s judges ignored the notoriously rich past of the fans of Club Brugge, one of Belgium’s top teams in relation to antisemitic calls and chants. About four months ago, this blog posted a video uploaded on the social networks documenting a match held in August 2018 in which fans of the club sang: “My father was in a commando unit, my mother was in the SS and together they burned Jews because Jews burn better” (In Flemish this sentence also rhymes well).

In the previous case, the club apologized for the fans’ chanting, claiming it was only a “handful of fans”. This is despite the fact that in the photographs it can be seen as a fairly large group. The club also promised to file complaints with the police against those clearly identified in the video. In reality, the water continued to flow through the channels in Bruges and swept the story into oblivion.

The court’s decision yesterday aroused great anger among the Jewish organizations in Belgium. “In the current affair, we were optimistic at the beginning because we learned that for the first time an observer on behalf of the Association mentioned the fans’ song and its content, and this led to a disciplinary hearing, but in the end what was happening was completely surreal,” the umbrella organization of the Jewish communities told RTBF.