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Struggle against Antisemitism United States

Suspect arrested in Miami for allegedly threatening to ‘explode the Jewish community’

Source: cbslocal

A suspect was arrested in Miami, Florida Wednesday after he allegedly threatened to “explode the Jewish community” living in the area; raising new concerns of rising antisemitism throughout the country.

“Jorge Rucinqu, 26, reportedly made the threatening calls to the Bagel Time Cafe on Alton Road,”. “The woman who took the calls, fearing for her safety, contacted the police. She said the caller never identified himself and ‘continued to intimidate the victim because she is Jewish.’”

“Rucinque also admitted targeting the Jewish community by searching online for the terms ‘Jews’ and ‘kosher,’” adds the article.

The arrest comes days after a gunman opened fire at a Synagogue outside San Diego, California; killing one and injuring three others during Passover holiday services.