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“Then, like today, we are the people of Hitler” – antisemitic incitement during a neo-Nazi demonstration in Duisburg

Source: audiatur-online

Duisburg – about 200 extreme right-wingers took part in a demonstration of the neo-Nazi “rightist” party in Duisburg. The party mobilized “Workers’ Action Day”, which is also exploited by right-wingers as a tool for their own purposes, as part of the “beginning of the year offensive” in the framework of the European Parliament’s election campaign. A “rightist” demonstration was held in Wuppertal, and in three weeks there will be one in Dortmund.

Also participating were Siegfried „SS-Siggi“ Borchardt and Dieter Riefling. The neo-Nazis repeatedly read slogans such as “Everything for the People, the Race and the Nation” and “Never Again Israel”. On a sign they wrote: “Israel is our disaster.” In the speeches delivered, the Federal Republic of Germany was marked as “a sick political system in which we want to fight restlessly and which we want to eradicate,” while National Socialism was marked as “a movement to which we feel connected with our spirit”.

In his speech, Manfred Breidbach even more openly presented the Nazi and antisemitic mood of the right-wing party. He spoke about “the international octopus, which stands behind everything,” and quoted the popular song of the far-right scene, “Blood,” in which it was said: “Throw grenades into the parliaments!” Breidbach ended his speech with the words “So as today, we are Hitler’s people in our hearts.”

Holocaust denier, Ursula Haverbeck, who has been sentenced on several counts for public incitement and is currently in detention, was presented by the rightist party as a leading candidate for the European Parliament elections. The demonstration in Duisburg, where a song describing Haverbeck as a “civil rights activist and dissident” was played ended with the words: “On 26 May, we will release Ursula Haverbeck from the jail of thoughts and moods.” In addition, election posters of the right-wing party, which expressed solidarity with Haverbeck, were seen during the demonstration.

Against the demonstration the neo-Nazis, hundreds of people protested throughout the city. Again and again, the extreme rightists were confronted by a powerful anti-Fascist protest.