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Austria Delegitimization

Austrian police fine students for waving Israel flag at a protest against Jew-hatred

Source: jpost

Vienna  – Police in Vienna, fined four students €150 for waving an Israel flag at a protest against advocates of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) targeting the Jewish state.

A spokesperson for an organization that monitors antisemitism (Informations- und Beobachtingsstelle antisemitismus), who was at the protest in March, confirmed to The Jerusalem Post on Friday, that a police supervisor told the students the Israeli flag is a “provocation” and issued the activists a €150 fine.

The spokesperson added: “Unfortunately this is not the first and probably will not be the last incident of this kind,” noting “that a speaker was wearing a PFLP scarf at the rally in solidarity with an organization classified by the EU, among others, as a terrorist organization whose members carried out several terrorist attacks on Jews.”

The United States and European Union designated the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) a terrorist entity.

According to the spokesperson who documented the anti-Israel protest in March when the fine was issued,” the students held the Israel flag high and yelled ‘Long Live Israel.”

The spokesperson said one student was accused of stating  “Fuck Palestine” but denies the allegation. The pro-Israel students were demonstrating against the group BDS-Austria and its supporters during the so-called “Israeli Apartheid Week”, a week viewed by pro-Israel advocates as a hate fest.