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Annual Report Spain

The Special Raxen report for 2018

Source: informeraxen

We do not need a crystal ball to guess that there is a large global tsunami of intolerance that is emerging in various forms and manifestations, already reaching many countries and influencing the next European elections. Globalization without human rights, immigration policy that did not take into account elements such as: social development in the countries of origin, exploitation and colonial wars, control of migratory movements with safe, orderly paths and integration with measures against xenophobia, corruption in institutional management and the problem of social networks. As argued by the EU Legal Commission, the weakness of civil society and populist manipulation by nationalism and extremism of various kinds, all this and more, seems to await the context of an economic crisis to destroy what has been achieved in terms of freedoms, rights and social prosperity. All this happens while we are celebrating the 70 years Human Rights and 40 years of the Constitution (Spain).

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