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Annual Report France

Annual Report of CNCDH – The fight against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia for 2018

Source: cncdh

The National Human Rights Advisory Committee (CNCDH) has published its annual report on the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia, which includes a list of places where there is racism in France. The report was written thanks to available data and opinion polls.

Tolerance, measured by responses to questions, has never been so high (67 points on a scale of 100). CNCDH welcomes this fact, especially when this tolerance exists among the young generation.

But one must see reality and its complexity.

First, it is expressed differently in different parts of the population. We must be especially concerned, as the recent events have shown, about the feelings against the gypsy population (only 37 points on a scale of 100).

On the other hand, the gradual rise of tolerance did not prevent a recurrence of racist acts by people who were and will always be hostile: threats or violence, which always left scars on the victims, did not diminish with the rise of tolerance. CNCDH is concerned about the rise of hate on the Internet, which goes viral.

CNCDH is also concerned about the phenomenon of people not reporting racist acts. According to surveys of victims, 1.1 million people say they have suffered threats, violence or racial discrimination. But in 2017, more than 6,000 racist cases led to only 9% convictions. The gap between these numbers means everything.

The report details a series of recommendations in the field of training, especially in three areas: sports, schools and universities “

Main points in the report of 2018