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Argentina propaganda

Antisemitic graffiti about Atlanta fans in Temperley

Source: visavis

Temperley, Buenos Aires – The Arsenal and DeSarandi teams have competed today in the Temperley Stadium for the Argentinian Cup.

In this tournament, all teams from all leagues play and compete while the audiences of both teams are present. This is something that does not happen in regular competitions.

At the end of the game in which Arsenal won the game against the “bohemians” (the Atlanta name – meaning the ones living an artists’ lifestyle), fans of the group found that antisemitic slogans had been painted on their cars. On some cars of the Templar fans there were slogans like: “Cele, Jewish slut (“Cele, Judío Puto” – this is the way they call homosexuals in Argentina).

The intention was the “light blue color” (Celesta) shirt of the owners of the stadium where they played the game.

In other cars the windows were broken.