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“We will reopen the Auschwitz stoves”: A Jewish child was attacked in a school in Ferrara

Source: lanuovaferrara

Ferrara – Children play in the sunlit courtyard. No idea of ​​the fact that the adult world talks about her and this little school ten minutes from Ferrara in the silence of the province. In recent days, two middle school students have been bullying with their colleagues in the locker room at the gym. One of them said a hard-to-imagine sentence made by an eleven-year-old student: “When we grow up, we’ll reopen Auschwitz and we’ll all be in the stoves, Jews of …”. The victim returned home and told everything to his mother, who in turn went to the teachers to understand it. One teacher spoke to the class the next day, “Who should say these things?” He asked. A hand rose, a voice apologized.

But she did not end there. The director of the institute, which has been in charge since yesterday morning, follows the case. He has to heal his wounds and not create new ones. He explains: “The two boys have understood, they have apologized, now they must understand that there is a consequence for every kind of behavior, which we will decide in the next council of the extraordinary class, this morning the manager met the mother of the Sacrifice: “The mother is calm and satisfied with the behavior of the school. Even the parents of the boys who attacked the Companion apologized. Her children admitted the seriousness of the matter and understood it. Situation has already been taken in hand. “How to say: History closed.

The case erupted yesterday, however, when a class representative, the mother of a child who attended the same school, denounced the episode on Facebook: “A serious case of antisemitism / mobbing has been repeated against a boy, because of the mobbing Today they are the perpetrators of tomorrow, it is not a girl, as many want to let it happen, it is a dangerous alarm bell. “

Andrea Pesaro, leader of the Jewish community of Ferrara, worries about this hate sentence: Can a boy find these words? Such a specific, clear, violent idea as that of stoves? We need to understand the roots of this antisemitism, from which channels he may reach a child. “He heard the principle and learned that the family of an aggressor fell from the clouds because his son was always trained in the values ​​of anti-fascism.

The case soon became political, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini speaks of” an unacceptable incident of bullying and racism. Even more despicable, because it happened in a school. I will be in the city soon and I would like to meet the boy and his family and teachers, teachers who will surely succeed. Similar violent events will be repeated in the future. “Education, Massimo Bussetti, adds:” School is and must be a place of solidarity, inclusion, acceptance, sharing and peace. Antisemitism and racist acts are intolerable. For this reason, I have the immediate effect Our Regional Office for Emilia Romagna asks you to investigate the case that has occurred in a school in Ferrara and to provide all necessary support so that nothing similar is repeated in the future. “Governor Stefano Bonaccini speaks of an alarm bell that should not be underestimated.