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Video depicts rapper performing antisemitic song as part of Gaza conference at UNC

Source: jns

Chapel Hill, NC – A video shows a Palestinian rapper performing an antisemitic song last month at a conference, titled “Conflict Over Gaza: People, Politics and Possibilities,” at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, co-sponsored by several of the school’s departments and entities such as the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund.

Tamer Nafar, who began his performance by telling the audience, “I cannot be antisemitic alone”, sang, “Don’t think of Rihanna when you sing this, don’t think of Beyoncé, think of Mel Gibson. I’m in love with a Jew/Oh/I fell in love with a Jew/Oh/Her skin is white and my skin is brown, she was going up up and I was going down.”

The video was taken by filmmaker and activist Ami Horowitz, who also shared audio of antisemitic exchanges while visiting the campus.

“I heard there was a conference going on about the conflict in Gaza, and my initial assumption was that it was going to be a hate fest against Israel,” Horowitz told ABC11. “When I went there, that is what I found, but what I did not expect was for it to evolve into open antisemitism.”

He added, “You expect these attitudes from neo-Nazis and white nationalists, but you don’t expect these attitudes in the halls of academia and the halls of Congress.”

UNC told ABC11 that Horowitz’s footage “was heavily edited, and the product as presented does not provide context as to the questions and the full, complete answers given. Moreover, we do not believe this video represents the spirit of scholarship at the event.”

Update: UNC Global Statement about Recent Performance.