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Annual Report Austria

2018 ZARA racist report

Source: zara

The online incitement is exploding. Racism in Austria is still on the agenda in the country.

ZARA’s annual report lists 1920 cases reported last year and indicates this as a record number. In 2017 there were 1162 cases. The relative proportion of online incitement – mostly in the form of hate publications – is now 60%. The current political discourse is also criticized.

Initiative Director General Hans-Dieter Schindelauer complained Thursday at a press conference that “Racism is always present everywhere”. However, the fact that the number of reported cases has increased has not automatically led to the spread of racism. It’s only a sign that more people have shown civic courage”, said Caroline Krishbaumer, head of activities at ZARA.

Of the 1920 cases of racism in 2018, 1164 – and thus three-fifths – came from the Internet. The year before, it was “only” 44%. The largest number are online incitements: hate publications appear almost twice as often as disrespectful articles. Not surprisingly, according to ZARA, six out of ten racist messages come from Facebook users, followed by network and press forums, as well as other services such as YouTube or Twitter.

Schindlauer stressed that racism can be found in all areas. There are, however, certain “trends” in which public discourse has left its mark. For several years, it has been a speech against Muslims and refugees.