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France Harassment

A family victim of harassment and antisemitic tags

Source: jforum

Segré – Residents of a house located in front of the Lycée Blaise-Pascal de Segré are annoyed by the incivilities of young people. Swastikas were even tagged near the house of a Jewish family.

They are exhausted. Even clueless. For more than six months, residents of the rue du Lycée, Segré (Segré-en-Anjou-blue) seem to live a nightmare.

The reason ? “Young people from the Blaise-Pascal high school always come and squat in front of our house” says the father who wants to remain anonymous.

“We moved here a few days before September 2018, everything was fine. But since the resumption of classes, it’s hell … “, completes his wife, 22 years.

This couple, with two young children, reports about “insults, mockery, loud noise, etc.” “

But the incivility of adolescents seems to go further: “They sit on the windowsills, they hit the shutters, they look at us, they block the entrance of the building, enumerates the father. In fact, they think they are at home. They make their law. “

If these incivilities described with bitterness by the couple seem to last for a few months, the situation has become terrible a few days ago: three swastikas were tagged near their apartment within a few days.