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Antisemitic slogans against an elected representative in Roanne

Source: francebleu

Roanne – In order not to make publicity for the propagators of the hateful antisemitic slogans, Sophie Rotkopf prefers not to speak, but the regional adviser of the “Les Republicains” party has been greatly hurt. As revealed by our colleagues from Le Progrès, antisemitic tags were issued against her. She was notified about it on Wednesday early afternoon.

“Death to the Jews”, “Death to the Jew Sophie Rotkopf” and 11 swastikas. This is what was found on an urban shed of the naval base of Rouen. The representative filed a complaint, as did the municipality of Rouan, which owns the tagged building. The LICRA organization, which complains every time that antisemitic slogans are found, and Rowan’s Jewish religious association also filed a complaint.

These hate signs were cleaned on Thursday morning by municipal employees, who had already had to intervene a week ago to remove other hate signs found near the malleval stadium. 10 swastikas and the expression “Death to the Jews” were also sprayed there. The prosecutor’s office in Rouen confirmed on Thursday evening that no one has been arrested yet.

The communist senator from the Loire, Cecil Zuckerman, responded with a statement. “I want to express my unconditional condemnation of these intolerable and undesirable acts, and I must call upon the authorities to make every effort to find these of these badmouths of the republic.”

Sophie Rothkopf will present on Friday a regionally funded plan to strengthen the fight against antisemitism, while antisemitic acts jumped 74 percent in France last year.