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France Harassment

The rabbi of Grenoble files a complain after an altercation in a TGV train

Source: francebleu

Grenoble – “Encule Gaza”, “motherfuckers of Israel”, “all fuckers”. The choice of words leaves no room for doubt. The rabbi of Grenoble was indeed a victim of an anti-Semitic aggression this Thursday in the TGV Grenoble-Paris. Nissim Sultan has filed a complaint.

The rabbi from Grenoble was working on the train heading for Paris when a visibly drunk man tries to start the conversation with him. “I politely declined,” says Nissim Sultan. A few minutes later, the individual gets up and leaves the wagon, carrying with him a document in Hebrew belonging to the rabbi. “It’s my square neighbor who points it out to me and warns the controllers, I find the man in the airlock, who refuses to give me back my working paper.”

Once caught and confronted, the individual gets into a black anger. He shouts the anti-Semitic insults quoted above. “The train was stopped exceptionally at Lyon Saint-Exupéry station, the individual was apprehended by police officers and I was able to file a complaint on the spot,” Nissim Sultan explains.

The rabbi of Grenoble salutes the reaction of the witnesses and the staff of the SNCF: “An immediate reaction, unequivocal, human, professional and magnificent of all the people present. Everything was impeccable and fast and that is comforting and encouraging.”