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Quenelle and pineapple: Dieudonné on trial for tax evasion

Source: lexpress

Paris – Pineapple hat, quenelle, selfie … if the polemist’s trial started slowly Tuesday in Paris, with procedural issues, it did not prevent him from doing his show.

There was the controversial Dieudonné, convicted for “incitement to racial hatred”, “antisemitic insults” or “apology for an act of terrorism” and now we have the fraudulent Dieudonné. The controversial comedian appeared this Tuesday for the first day of his trial for “tax fraud”, “laundering” and “abuse of social assets” in Paris.

Facts for which the 53-year-old Dieudonné will appear for five half-days alongside his companion, Noémie Montaigne. The couple’s company, Productions de la Plume, is also judged as a legal entity.

Accustomed to courtrooms, Dieudonné always tries to impress judges. This Tuesday, the man dressed in black pants and sneakers, arrived with black glasses and a pineapple hat, fruit often used in his antisemitic jokes.

Just before, on Twitter, the defendant, “very confident”, called his trial “the Valls Trial” and posted a selfie of him posing all smiles in front of the courthouse with his companion.

Facing the cameras and a handful of supporters, including children, Dieudonné did not hesitate to perform a “quenelle”, an antiדemitic gesture popularized by him, a few meters from the courtroom, thus unleashing the laughter of some young fans who came to support him by wearing yellow vests and French flags.

We would almost forget what he was in court for, this Tuesday: the concealment to the tax authorities of assets around 1.4 million euros related to the revenues of his shows.

“I declare to be innocent of everything that is reproached to me”.

In front of the magistrates, another atmosphere. The yellow hat is stored in the drawer of one of his three lawyers and the comedian with the beard doesn’t smile but puts a serious mask on his face while wearing small round glasses.