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Amazon: About 100 books denying the Holocaust for sale on the site

Source: streetpress

“Nuremberg or the Promised Land” by Maurice Bardesch, one of the founders of the Holocaust denial movement in France; “The drama of European Jewry” by his partner Paul Rassinier, a collaborator of the weekly Riverall since its founding in 1951; or the full writings of Robert Faurisson. This is the type of books that can be found on Amazon France. On March 18, 2019, French researcher Stéphanie Courouble-Share was angry and wrote about it in a blog post. According to the research conducted by the researcher hundreds of books denying the Holocaust are available on Amazon. Some are sold by individuals. Others directly through Amazon. “Most of them are forbidden for sale in France,” she writes.

Not the first time

“I’ve been seeing these books for a long time now,” she explains to StreetPress. At the request of the Holocaust Research Center at Yad Vashem and Yad Vashem, the researcher compiled in 2017 a list of the top ten books denying the existence of the Holocaust. All sold by Amazon USA.  After reporting to the company in Seattle, the center won the lawsuit, and all the books were removed from the site. “The problem is that these books are just a showcase. When we look for books about the Holocaust, we can find a book that denies the Holocaust,” says the researcher.

In January 2019 she attacks France. The researcher reports on Amazon’s first book: “Holocaust by scan”, by German Holocaust denier Jürgen Graf. His books were forbidden for sale in France since the decree of December 19, 1994. It was immediately taken off the site. As a result, she decides to make a list of Holocaust denial books available for purchase on Amazon France and sends it to the Amazon. “They told me they were looking into it,” she says. Street Press contacted them but Amazon France did not respond to our interview requests. Most books are still for sale online.

Attack against YouTube

“I am aware that this is a useless struggle, but it is a mandatory struggle,” admits the historian.

“Most of these books are available on other sites and can be downloaded on many websites.”

After Amazon, the researcher intends to attack YouTube because there too you can find contents about Holocaust denial:

“There are not enough answers from historians and researchers on these issues.”

Paul Rassinier, Le Drame des Juifs européens :

Wilhelm  Stäglich, Le Mythe D’Auschwitz :

Robert Faurisson, Écrits Révisionnistes (La collection complète) :

Roger Garaudy, Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne :