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An antisemitic scandal at one of the largest bookstores in Moscow

Source: 9tv

Moscow – An antisemitic caricature from the Third Reich appeared on one of the bookshelves of the “Republika Kenizny Magazine” bookstore.

One of the first to notice this was the user Cyril Scorobogt, who wrote on the official Facebook page: “Antisemitic signs from “Der Sturmer” – it’s so cool, we are confiscating this garbage dump.”

The general public was informed of the “creative imagination” of the store’s employees by a well-known Russian blogger, Rustem Adgamov, who wrote about it on his page. “In the Republic of Kenizny they think that this must be a brilliant joke,” he wrote.

The representative of the store, Julia Kiryoshina, responded that “the stickers appear in stores at the initiative of the consultants. This is their space for creative expression, but there is also the other side of the coin: we do not always have enough control over the content, of course this sticker has no place here and it does not match the values ​​of our company. The sticker has already been removed”