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Palestinian-Jordanian professor called Holocaust ‘an illusion’

Source: memri

Aman – Well-known Palestinian-Jordanian Professor of Islamic Law, Ahmad Nofal, has called the Holocaust “an illusion,” the Middle East Media Research Institute revealed on Friday morning .

MEMRI posted a video of Nofal’s weekly Yarmouk TV show from March 22 in which the professor shared his outrage about how the French had not apologized for the effects their nuclear bomb tests in the 1960s still has today on residents who lived in the desert area where it took place.

Seconds later, his comments about the matter turned into a rant against the Jews.

“France tested nuclear bombs in the Algerian desert and to this day, babies are born dead or deformed,” he claimed. “[Former French leaders] Jaques Chirac or [Francois] Mitterrand – I forgot which one of them visited Algeria – refused to apologize for this… Europe apologized to the Zionists for the illusion of the Holocaust.”

Using the common antisemitic tropes of Jews and money, as well as the stereotype that Jews have a lack of patriotism, Nofal said that “they [the Jews] betrayed them [the Germans], sold the secrets of the nuclear bomb, smuggled away money and factories… They brought Germany to its knees, so Hitler treated them as traitors and placed them on trial for treason.”

He also claimed that “the story” about the murder of six million Jews “is a lie as big as the universe.”

“There were 600,000 at the most. They [the Jews] added a zero,” he said, adding that US President Donald Trump embodies “Hitler’s mentality.”

Nofal has a long history with antisemitism and Holocaust denial. In the past, MEMRI has revealed how the professor claimed that the “Jews were in charge of the Holocaust” and that “most of Hitler’s ministers who perpetrated the Holocaust were Jews.”