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Quenelle et ananas : Dieudonné provoque au premier jour de son procès pour fraude fiscale

Source: lexpress

Paris – Pineapple hat, quenelle, selfie … If the polemist’s trial started slowly Tuesday in Paris, with procedural issues, that did not prevent him from doing his show.

There was the controversial Dieudonné, broken to convictions for “incitement to racial hatred”, “anti-Semitic insults” or “apology for an act of terrorism”, there could now also be the fraudulent Dieudonné. The controversial comedian appeared this Tuesday on the first day of his trial for “tax fraud”, “laundering” and “abuse of social assets” in Paris.

Facts for which the 53-year-old man will appear for five half-days alongside his companion, Noémie Montaigne. The couple’s company, Productions de la Plume, is also judged as a legal entity.

Now accustomed to courtrooms, the fifties never spoil his small effects before the hearings. This Tuesday, the man dressed in black pants and sneakers, arrived with black glasses and decked out with a pineapple hat, fruit often placed in the heart of his antisemitic jokes.

Just before, on Twitter, the defendant who slipped to be “very confident” for what he calls on social networks the “Trial Valls”, posted a selfie of him posing all smiles in front of the court with his companion.

Dans la salle des pas perdus, face aux caméras et à une poignée de soutiens, dont des enfants, Dieudonné ne s’est pas privé d’exécuter une “quenelle”, geste antisémite popularisé par ses soins, à quelques mètres de la salle d’audience. Déclenchant ainsi les rires de quelques jeunes fans venus le soutenir en arborant gilets jaunes et drapeaux français.

On en oublierait presque ce pour quoi il comparait ce mardi : la dissimulation au fisc d’avoirs avoisinant 1,4 million d’euros et liés aux recettes de ses spectacles.

“I declare to be innocent of all that is reproached to me”
Before the magistrates, another atmosphere. The yellow hat is stored in the drawer of one of his three lawyers and the comedian with the beard provided has departed from his smile, to put on a serious mask and small round glasses.