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Attack Netherlands

Was the stabbing in Amsterdam an antisemitic attack?

Source: joods

The investigation of a Dutch-Egyptian citizen who carried out a stabbing attack last week at Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam shows that his motive was apparently antisemitic. Many sources in our newspaper confirmed this finding.

Last Saturday, around 4:15 PM, the owner of a hookah shop went into his neighbor’s shop, and with a big knife he stabbed him and his son. The two wounded were taken to the hospital. Passersby describe the object with which he carried out the attack as a sword. The victims survived the attack thanks to the rapid intervention of two neighbors of Moroccan origin.

What has not yet been published in the media is that the owners of the antique shop in Albert Cuypmarkt are Jews and that this is the C. family. The father was Dutch-Jewish and his wife came from Israel, which was known in the surrounding area, and the stabber knew it, too.

A source in the family says: “It is clear that this was a terrorist attack. He is a devout Muslim, and if they were not Jews he would not have entered with a sword.”

Mr. C. and his son told The Telegraph today that thanks to the quick response of both neighbors, they are still alive. The stabber had long been in bad relations with his neighbors.

Mr. C. added: “A short time ago we were once again talking to each other. We even said hello to each other, but after six or seven weeks abroad – I think in Syria or Egypt – he changed. He was busy with the Koran and he stopped talking to us. He shaved his head and prayed all day. He became angry with us again.

Other neighbors confirm the story to the newspaper. They told that “he had recently been abroad for a long time and he was sitting at the entrance to his shop reading the Koran. He also wore a religious scarf. I do not know where he was, but it did not do him any good. “

The police informed the editor of the www.joods.nl website that they still did not know what the motive for the attack was. Further investigation is needed. The police confirmed that the suspect was still under arrest. It is still unknown what crime the detainee will be charged with, and how long he will remain in detention.