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Argentina Struggle against Antisemitism

Two people arrested for threats against a Jewish local community, articles with Nazi symbols confiscated

Source: infoban

Following a DAIA presentation, which exposed a series of threats made against a Jewish association through social networks in 2016, the Argentine Federal Police investigated and managed to arrest the two involved.

“There is no place in Argentina for expressions of this type referring to a tragic era in the history of humanity,” said Security Minister Patricia Bullrich. She added: “Criminal intelligence and joint work with police officers allowed us to confiscate the articles and find the person responsible.”

The policemen of the Morón Federal Police Station, headed by Néstor Roncaglia, following the guidelines established by the Ministry of Security, and carried out important criminal intelligence tasks to identify the social network users who threatened the members of the Jewish community. .

With the collected info, the staff of the PFA managed to establish, through the IP number, the address from where they could have posted on social networks. The Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 2 of Morón, headed by Dr. Rodriguez, issued an order for immediate search and confiscation.

The result: the two men were arrested, father and son of Argentine nationality, and a 22 caliber gun was seized, along with a large amount of ammunition, pamphlets and insignia with the Nazi swastika, Adolf Hitler books, Italian fascist flags, uniforms with Nazi flags, computers, cell phones and more articles of interest.