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Desecration Germany propaganda

Nazis destroy stumbling stones and spray slogans

Source: nrz

Moers – Once again, following previous similar incidents, stumbling stones inside the city of Moers, in memory of the victims of the Nazi regime, were desecrated. And other inscriptions were smeared as well.

Neighbors informed us that on Wednesday night, March 13th, inscriptions were again smeared on the three same stumbling stones in the Vinn district, at the corner of Blumen and Fielder Streets, says Dr. Bernhard Schmitt, chairman of the “Remember for the Future” association.

All the written smears were immediately removed by association members. In addition, swastikas were smeared on a house and in a parking lot located in the compound of the Blumen and Garten streets, as well as on Odinger Street and Abtay Streets (“Islam Kills – C18”).