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Desecration Ukraine

In a Jewish cemetery, a cross was erected in honor of the Ukrainian rebel army

Source: Eduard Dolinsky

Kolomyja – here are pictures of the desecration of a cemetery – nationalists placed a large cross in memory of the Ukrainian rebel army and the Ukrainian nationalist organization in the Jewish cemetery in Kolomyja. Members of the Nationalist Ukrainian Organization took an active part in the extermination of more than 200,000 Jews from Kolomyya and Ivano-Frankovsk district. The cross was placed next to the grave of the Chief Rabbi of Kolomyja, Hillel Lichtenstein.

Not long ago, local nationalists filed a suit to the court in Kolomyya. They asked to cancel the city council’s decision of 1995, that this was the territory of a Jewish cemetery. The court canceled the decision of the city council. The Jewish cemetery has been there since the 16th century.

To this cemetery, tombstones were transferred, once placed alongside private roads and courtyards, which the Jewish community gathered from all over the city, and here is also the tent of the grave of the righteous Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein. More than once they set fire to the tent and broke the gravestones. During the Soviet period a garden was built in the cemetery and in 1995 the Jewish community received permission to set up the memorial. The cross was placed in 2017.