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Antisemitic and anti-Masonic graffiti

Source: france3

Toulouse – “We are shocked, terrified and disgusted … We are really surprised,” said Marcel Martin, chairman of the advisory committee in the district of Sept Deniers, who does not find enough words to express his disgust.

He and his wife found the words “Jews, Freemasons,” accompanied by white swastikas on the wall of one of the district buildings.

The second one within only fifteen days. A similar graffiti was painted, a few meters away, on the front wall of a bank.

“It were exactly the same words and the same handwriting,” stresses Marcel Martin. He does not understand that this quiet neighborhood of Toulouse, which is known for its multiculturalism, may suffer from such acts.

“This is the first time that it happened to us, the issue will be on the agenda of our next monthly neighborhood meeting, we cannot let this go by quietly, we have already called the mayor, but we do not want to file a complaint,” he concludes still in shock.