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Germany Struggle against Antisemitism

Germany will deport a terrorist who came to Berlin to deliver a speech to antisemites

Source: 93fm

Female terrorist Rasmiya Odeh, who murdered two Israeli students and is currently active in the antisemitic “human rights” movement BDS, came to Berlin to deliver a speech about that racist movement. The information reached Jewish organizations and the Ministry for Strategic Affairs, and they put pressure which indeed worked very well on state authorities. Consequently, her lecture was cancelled and she will be deported immediately from Germany.

An official statement by the State of Berlin stated that the terrorist was totally banned from taking part in any political activity in the country. Berlin’s Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said there was no room for incitement against Jews and the State of Israel in the city: “The right to freedom of expression is very important, but if it is used to incite against the State of Israel, Jews and Judaism, it crosses a red line”. Berlin is a city of unity and solidarity, not segregation and propaganda.”