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Délégitimation Italie Lutte contre lantisémitisme

Un festival de musique annulé pour discrimination antisémite

Source: israellycool

Santa Teresa Gallura – A Musica delle Bocche Music Festival to be held in Sardinia in the summer has been canceled for antisemitic discrimination.

Israeli musician Eyal Lerner, who lives in Italy, accused the festival’s artistic director, Enzo Favata, of anti-Semitism towards him. Eyal Lerner had noticed that this artistic director had removed it from the program of this festival which is held each year in August. Although the artist has said that he has not applied the deadline, the artistic director is not going to leave the room for “You are Israeli, you will not be in this festival”.

Following this, the Mayor of Santa Teresa di Gallura canceled the festival with the approval of the City Council.