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Annual Report Germany

Antisemitic offenses continue to increase in NRW

Source: domradio

The number of antisemitic offenses in North Rhine-Westphalia has continued to increase. In Dortmund, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bochum and Oberhausen are reportedly committed the most antisemitic offenses.

Last year, the police registered 350 antisemitic offenses, as NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) announced on Friday to a parliamentary request of the Greens in the Dusseldorf Landtag. 16 of these antisemitic offenses were violent offenses. Already in the years before, there had been an increase in anti-Jewish offenses from 296 offenses in 2016 to 324 offenses in 2017.

In 248 of 350 cases, according to the data, the criminal investigation for antisemitism was discontinued because often no offender could be identified. Only in 72 cases was there an indictment and in 48 cases a conviction. The antisemitic offenses were in the majority of cases (311 out of 350) motivated right-wing extremist, according to the police. Most of the anti-Jewish offenses were perpetrated in Dortmund (34), Cologne (28), Dusseldorf (21),