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Antisemitic graffiti against Anne Frank

Source: osservatorioantisemitismo

MacCarese – “Do you know Anne Frank is from Vinci?”, that’s the text written on a street sign at the bus stop just across the street from the Da Vinci High School in Macarza, Fiumicino.

An antisemitic graffiti on which the school principal replies in a letter, on the school’s website, entitled “That Horrific Expression”.

“Every single time, the adolescent girl with the smiling face and the sharp and wise gaze who was swept away during tragic events so great that she became a symbol of pain, of the destruction of the other, of the Holocaust, and due to ignorant racists becomes an instrument owned by someone. Antonella Maucioni. This is not complacency, but a lot of terrible ignorance… We are hurt by the climate of hatred and violence that surrounds us… The inscription shall remain in place because the answer to the stupid question that the stupid writer wrote is: Yes, Anne Frank belongs to Leonardo [a school] hold a special place in the heart of the students who study there and in the heart of their teachers as well.”