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Six months in prison for Alain Soral, convicted of Holocaust denial

Source: newsmonkey

In January 2019, Alain Soral is sentenced to one year in prison for contempt and incitement to racial hatred. This sentence issued to him by the Criminal Court of Bobigny was for insulting a magistrate and for making antisemitic remarks on his website.

On Tuesday, March 5, it is the prosecutor’s office of Paris that slams the founder of the association Equality and Reconciliation (E & R). This time for a negationist drawing published in 2016 on Alain Soral’s website. In an drawing titled “Chutzpah Hebdo”, in reference to a controversial cover of Charlie Hebdo, appeared the face of Charlie Chaplin before the star of David. In a bubble, one can read this question “Shoah where are you?”

A publication for which Alain Bonnet, his real name, was sentenced on appeal to pay a fine of € 10,000 in November 2018, with the possibility of imprisonment in case of non-payment. But Soral had meanwhile added insult to injury, which is why he is now receiving a six-month prison sentence.

In November 2017, the conclusions of Soral’s lawyer, Damien Viguier, on this Holocaust-denying caricature case are posted on the E & R website. It includes notably a reference to a shoe and a wig.

“Shoe and hair refer to the places of memory organized as places of pilgrimage, there are staged heaps of these objects, intended to provoke the imagination,” wrote the lawyer. “The haircut is practiced in all places of concentration and can be explained by hygiene,” he added, before quoting the denialist Robert Faurisson.

The Licra and the Union of Jewish Students in France have reported these remarks to the prosecutor and the result: Soral is sentenced to six months in prison and Viguier is fined 15,000 euros.